DrumPickers Custom Acrylic 14x6” White-N-Black Attack” Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Custom Acrylic 14x6” White-N-Black Attack” Snare Drum that’s brand new.  

This drum far and away exceeds expectations from most acrylic snares. On this drum, we chose to use our newly christened turret lugs (similar to the DW/Camco lug), but what’s truly outstanding is the tone you’ll receive from this drum.  It projects enormous range, with crisp, blistering attack.  The Gretsch styled throw off works effortlessly, and the German tensiled black snare wires are unrelenting with their snappy response.  

We don’t say it often about acrylic drums, but THIS drum is perfect for the studio (and of course the stage).  It proudly boasts:

*2.3mm powder coated triple flanged hoops

*New black onyx, and 300 series Evans heads

*9mm acrylic shell for power and sensitivity

*matching German tensiled black 20-Strand snare wires

*Black steel tension rods

Take it from DrumPickers professionals; this drum is one to use, repeat, use, and repeat…for a lifetime!