DrumPickers Custom Copper-Sonic 14x6.5” Vintage Regal Snare Drum

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This listing is for a new DrumPickers Custom Copper-Sonic 14x6.5” Vintage Regal Snare Drum.  

So many features on the professional series drum…

*2mm rolled copper shell

*Die Cast Rose Gold hoops 

*German tensiled 20-Strand snare wires

*20 Polished Slingerland style “beaver tail” Rose Gold lugs

*Die cast snare strainer and butt side

*Rubber insulated interior backing hardware 

*Black Steel tension rods that spells out class & strength 

The sonic properties of this drum exude brilliance in high, midrange, and low pitches.  Bright powerful tones are typical of this drum, and as a recording instrument, you’ll find that this is among the best you can find.  As an instrument of live performance, you’ll find these exemplary qualities enhance an exemplary performer. 

This drum is heavy (14lbs), loud, but also quite sensitive in its response.  This drum represents the finest in precision drum building, and as a professional drummer, you can expect the pinnacle of performance in this drum.  That’s what DrumPickers drummers expect, and it’s what you can expect.