DrumPickers Custom Prototype 14x5.5” Stalwart Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Custom Prototype 14x5.5” Stalwart Snare Drum in Midnight Galaxy wrap that’s been tested by DP staff to identify crucial gains in DrumPickers overall snare drum performance. 

This drum was developed using a combination of 6 plys of poplar and mahogany, but without sparing any attention in its focus on detail.  It features an internal muffler, and exterior control dial to reduce unwanted resonance, nylon tension rod washers to reduce metal to metal contact, 10 lugs for precise tuning, Pearl’s S022N steel snare wires, new Remo/Evans heads, and a die cast butt side to the strainer.  

The sound of this drum is pure classic, and perhaps the closest sound you’ll find to Ludwig’s Acrolite aluminum snare in a wood drum.  We promise; you will not be disappointed.