DrumPickers Custom Single Ply 4 Pc Cherry Drum Kit with Reinforcement Rings in Ocean Blue Lacquer

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Custom Single Ply 4 Pc Cherry Drum Kit with Reinforcement Rings in Ocean Blue Lacquer.  The kit is brand new, and has a number of features that make it one of the most beautiful sounding drum kits we’ve ever made, or even heard (for that matter). 

For starters, the kit is created from a single cherry wood tree, and each drum is one steam bent, single ply of wood (including the reinforcement rings).  The stunning drum hardware is solid brass Classic Beavertail Slingerland lugs with brass tension rods, while the hoops are 2.3mm chrome hoops. 

Jaw-dropping solid Cherry with DrumPickers Ocean Blue lacquer finish add luxury, sparkle, and dimension to the Cherry shells found on this DrumPickers Exotic kit. The solid single ply shell promotes tremendous balance across the kit: you get rack toms that cut, a floor tom that sings, and a 10-lug (not 8-lug) 20” kick drum that springs to life with the slightest touch. The focused tone of this kick drum surpasses anything on the market today.  The DrumPickers Solid Cherry shell pack is the result of years of development of shell technology and serves as a prime example of DrumPicker’s tone-enhancement and glamorous finish options.

With each drum, the shell integrity and rounded 45 degree bearing edges provide such an amazing, warm, powerful, and pure tone.  The drums are all adorned with Evans heads, including an Evans Emad bass drum head. These drums are ideal for the recording studio, as well as the stage.  

Drum sizes include: 10x6.5”, 12x7”, 16x13” toms, and a 20x14” bass drum. 

The shell-pack of drums include the pictured Pearl Optimounts, and brass floor tom legs, but no additional standing hardware.