DrumPickers DP Custom 14x5” Gold Standard Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom “Gold Standard” 14x5” snare drum that’s in excellent condition.  This 9-ply 100% North American Maple drum has perfectly created 45degree baring edges that provide a beautiful, crisp attack.  

The drum features gold/brass hardware all around including 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, (10) single bullet style lugs, and even brass/gold plated snare wires for perfect contact and resonance.  The shell itself boasts a golden oak finish, and sends a strong signal that tone and volume are its truest assets.  

If you’re looking for a classic looking snare drum, and a brilliant sound, then set your sights on the DP Custom Gold Standard snare drum.  

This drum was used as a demo, but is in absolutely stellar condition.