DrumPickers DP Custom 14x6.5” “Deep Purple-N-White” Snare Drum

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This listing is for a brand new DrumPickers DP Custom “Purple-N-White” Acrylic 2-Tone 14x6.5” Snare Drum.  This drum is an absolute stand out for a number of reasons including:
-The tone is beautiful.  It’s 10mm acrylic shell brings forth a solid sound that cuts through, and doesn’t get lost in the mix. 

-The hoops are black chrome die-cast steel that maintain the tuning whether you tune it higher, or prefer a lower end thud. The matching bottom hoop features die-cast snare guards for additional protection. 

-The strainer is a dynamic   throw off that engages and disengages flawlessly.

-The German tensiled 20-Strand snare wires are crisp and pronounced bringing out the details that’s expected in a quality snare drum. 


If you want a fantastic sounding acrylic snare drum that truly stands out for its looks and tone, then your search is over…