DrumPickers DP Custom 14x6.5” “The Beast” Hammered Brass Snare Drum

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Unlock THE BEAST in your playing!!  This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom 14x6.5” Hammered Brass Snare Drum referred to as “The Beast” because, well…it’s a BEAST!  

The shell is a 1.5mm hammered brass shell, and is EXTREMELY well equipped with Pearls high tension BRL65 Reference Swivel Lugs.  These lugs are the very best in the industry providing a liberal tension rod base, and along with brass inserts, guarantees the perfect tuning of this drum without any rust or long term seizing up.  

This drum also boasts black nickel “stick-saver” 2.3mm hoops, brass tension rods, black nickel dual tension system, brass air vent, German black nickel 20-strand high-tension snare wires, and if all that wasn’t enough, a new Remo tattooed Emperor snare head (just to make you look…multiple times).

But the drum sounds…UTTERLY AMAZING! This drum is the epitome of the finest studio instrument on the market.  The ease of tuning is effortless, and the full, rich tone is more pure and powerful than any drum on the market (i.e. Ludwig Black Beauty, Pearl Reference Brass, Tama S.L.P., Ludwig Supraphonic, DW Collector’s Brass, Gretsch Hammered Brass, Yamaha Recording Custom, Pearl Sensitone, DuoLuxe, etc…etc…).  The range is incredibly broad, and the warmth is like (as they say), “butter”.  The precision sound of this drum is meticulous and will eliminate the need for any other metal drum you have.

If you’ve got one snare drum to own, this is the one. It’s time to unlock The Beast!