DrumPickers DP Custom 14x6” Skull Crusher Snare Drum 3-Ply Walnut

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This drum is 3 plys of North American Walnut, and if you dare look at it sideways, it’ll kick your butt.  …ok, seriously…it just sounds fantastic; powerful, full, cutting, and a crisp outstanding tone that is distinctly rock-n-roll.  

Outfitted with chrome tube lugs and additional black chrome hardware, this bad boy leaves nothing on the table. 

If you’re searching for a wood snare that can provide the firepower of just about any metal snare, say hello to your new found friend.  The DP Custom Series Skull Crushing Snare Drum. 

Note: This drum was drilled just off center so that the strainer is proportioned slightly right.  The strainer works perfectly, and the snare wires sit perfectly and as they should on the snare side of the shell.  (See pics for further clarity.)