DrumPickers DP Custom Acrylic 14x6” Snare Drum in Black Smoke

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Custom Acrylic 14x6” Snare Drum In Black Smoke that’s brand new.  

This drum features a 1/4” seamless acrylic shell that really brings the punch and power to music that requires “pop”! The drum also features 8 Sonor Style lugs to get the perfect tuning for a host of musical genres, and if that wasn’t enough, 2.3mm hoops, and in addition, the brass tension rods allow smooth transition from high, to low tuning every time.  No seizing up in these lugs with brass tension rods. 

This DrumPickers Custom Acrylic snare is ideal for rock, funk, pop, and various progressive and alternative rock formats.