DrumPickers DP Custom Badge #47 14x6” 4-Ply Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom #47 Badge 14x6” 4-Ply Snare Drum in Satin Walnut.  This drum is yet another masterpiece! 

The shell is comprised of maple, and mahogany with an outer ply of American Walnut, and 6 ply maple reinforcement rings.  THEN, we included a brass strainer with 2.3mm chrome Stick Saver hoops, brass tube lugs, and black steel tension rods.  

But we went further! This drum also includes New Evans Power Center batter, and 300 Series snare side heads along with Premium Pearl copper bracket snare wires.  

The drum has a beautiful crisp attack, with a full gorgeous tone.  The rich full sound is unparalleled by just about any other drum we’ve come across perhaps rivaling something of a Yamaha Absolute Maple snare drum. While the drum provides an unmatched tone, it doesn’t present much over-ring either. …Somebody say HALLELUJAH!!!