DrumPickers DP Custom Big Bronze Buddy 14x8” Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom Big Bronze Buddy 14x8” Snare Drum.

This versatile snare is constructed with a heavy-gauge 1.5mm rolled bronze shell, delivering a dark, weighty sound, blending amazing projection with tight, dynamic responsiveness.  2.3mm triple-flange hoops, 50mm black steel tension rods, and chrome tube lugs ensure precise tuning and intonation, quick adjustments, high-tensiled German made snare wires, and an unintrusive design for a versatile snare that won’t bail in the middle of a prog rock medley. The 2.3mm steel hoops add a great sonic flourish, adorned with a fully-rounded edge and designed to split the difference between die-cast and standard 1.6 triple-flanged hoops, pairing with bronze shell for a unique output.