DrumPickers-DP Custom Maple Stave 14x6” Patriot Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers-DP Custom Stave 14x6” Patriot Snare Drum that’s brand new, and in the box.  

We’ve heard it said that if Evel Knievel owned a snare drum, that this would be his signature drum.  This shell is created from North American maple that has a thickness of 11mm.  The tone is crisp, and powerful delivering a thunderous crack, with unmatched sensitivity.  

The drum also features 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, 45 degree semi-rounded bearing edges, black steel tension rods with chrome accented single point tube lugs, and Trick style throw off.  It comes complete with a new Aquarion Studio-X Texture Coated batter head, and Evans 300 Series snare side head. 

The drums range can easily span the dark, low, full tones of Don Henley style of playing, to the crisp attack of today’s ska drummers.  

If you have one wooden snare in your arsenal, then this SHOULD be your drum.  Welcome the “Daredevil” of wood snare drums!