DrumPickers Reissue 14x3” 12-Lug Brass Snare Drum

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12-Lugs! This listing is for a DrumPickers reissued 14x3” Brass snare drum with (that’s right), 12-lugs.  This drum (although formerly owned) is in very very good condition and should last it’s owner a lifetime of playing.  

As a side note: The former owner did not know of the original drums brand, as DrumPickers professionals decided to restore and reissue the drum. 

If your idea of a tight sounding snare drum is a highly tensioned, free floating shell that uses Kevlar heads and can lock out air and water, then this is your NEW drum.  Standard 8-10 lug snare drums don’t anywhere close to the sound of this drum.  

This drum now features German made tensiled snare wires that perform at higher standards helping to create a drum that could double as a marching snare, or a practice pad, as it’s perfectly tensioned 12 lugs evenly tune the head so that it’s tone is as clean and articulate as any drum can provide. 

This drums a powerhouse!