DrumPickers VibraClear Acrylic 5pc Red-N-Blue Drum Kit

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This listing is for a DrumPickers VibraClear Acrylic 5pc Red-N-Blue Drum Kit that’s Brand New.  This kit embodies the combination of attack, and volume.  Because acrylic is not very porous, sound waves are primarily thrust out of the shell, vs absorbed by it. 

The kit sizes are:

10x8” tom, 12x9” tom, 14x14” floor tom, 16x16” floor tom, and a full and fat 22x16” bass drum. 


*2.3mm Durahoops for added strength, and tone retention 

*9mm Acrylic Shells

*Evans Red Hydraulic Heads on all the toms 

*Diamond cast lugs

Pictured kit does not include standing hardware, silo drums, or snare drum (aside from two single tom stands, and floor tom legs).