DrumPickers Vintage Professional 14x6” “Blue Blood” Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Vintage Professional “Blue Blood” Snare Drum that’s 14”x6”. 

This 5-Ply Maple/Mahogany/Walnut/Mahogany Walnut drum features the most gorgeous tone you can imagine.  It’s enormous range brings out the very best highs, and lows, and is crisp on attack. 

The drum features:

*Brass double flanged hoops

*Brass tube lugs & strainer/butt end

*Dual tension adjustment 

*Brass Tension Rods

*Premium Pearl Ultrasound D-Type Bracketed Snare Wires

*5-Ply shell with North American Maple outer veneer, and North American Walnut inner plies

*Rubber insulated tube lug hardware on shell’s  interior