DW 6.5x14” Performance Snare Drum in Ginger Ale Glitter

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This listing is for a DW Performance Series Snare Drum in a Ginger Ale Glitter.  The drum is in mint condition without any flaws.  

With the 10 plies of North American Maple that comprise the shell, this drum provides lots of FAT tone.  Tuned high, or low, it delivers that fat sound every time. 

The drum includes a slightly used reverse dot Remo coated snare batter head. 

USA Maple Snare from the DW Performance Series

Whether you're craving a matching snare for your Performance Series shell pack or a quality maple snare at an unassuming price, you can't go wrong with the DW Performance Series snare drum. Its 10-ply HVX maple shell is thick and fat, or crisp, sensitive, and cutting, capable of delivering powerful backbeats to your audience or into a microphone. Triple-flanged steel hoops pack a hearty rimshot and a deep pocket. Unique to the Performance Series are DW's low-profile Quarter Turret lugs and a range of specialty wrap, lacquer, and satin finishes.

HVX maple shell

Performance Series snare drums begin with DW's US-built, handcrafted HVX hard rock North American maple shells. The HVX grain orientation arranges wood plies horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for a deep and satisfying fundamental. Shells are baked in pressure molds (2600 PSI at 200°F) then immediately Cool Tempered to crystallize the glue, maximizing strength, roundness, and resonance. John Good's 60° bearing edges promise effortless playability, whatever your style.

Proprietary DW hardware

Unique to the Performance Series are DW's reduced-size Quarter Turret lugs. These offer a decidedly sleeker, more modern appearance that many DW artists prefer. A closer look reveals much of the same hardware found throughout the DW's Collector's Series:

  • Fine-threaded True-Pitch tension rods maximize tuning accuracy
  • DW's magnetic MAG throw off locks snare wires in the "on" position or tenors them completely to eliminate sympathetic buzz
  • DW-branded Remo heads promise great tone and tuning from day one

DW Performance Series Snare Drum Features:

  • Matching snare drum for your DW Performance Series kit
  • A quality snare at an unassuming price
  • Handcrafted and finished in Oxnard, California
  • Quarter Turret lugs are sleek and recognizable
  • 10-ply HVX maple shell is crisp, sensitive, and cutting
  • Heat forming/Cool Tempering maximizes shell strength, roundness, and resonance
  • 60° bearing edges favored by John Good
  • Triple-flanged steel hoops deliver a fat, open attack
  • MAG magnetic throw off locks snares in the "on" position
  • Fine-threaded True-Pitch tension rods enhance tuning accuracy