DW 9300 Airlift Snare Stand

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This listing is for a DW 9300 Airlift Snare Stand that’s in new condition, and works flawlessly.

The DW 9300AL Air Lift snare stand is designed with double-pedal setups in mind. The offset basket allows optimal snare positioning while remaining balanced. But that's just the beginning of the 9300AL stand's story! It also provides the most responsive positioning system around. How does DW do it? A pneumatic shock allows your snare drum to float on a cushion of air for quick, effortless, and exact adjustments every time. The patented, Randall May-designed system makes the road-proven 9300AL snare stand the sturdiest yet most flexible snare stand available.

DW 9300AL Air Lift Snare Stand Features:

  • Unique pneumatic shock provides maximum setup flexibility
  • Snare basket knob can be set in a more closed position for smaller drums
  • Snare drum angle can easily be locked
  • Snare basket can be removed from tilter for fast snare changes

Give your snare drum the royal treatment with the DW 9300AL Air Lift snare stand!