DW DWCP5500TD 5000 Series Heavy Duty Hi-hat Stand - 2-leg

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This listing is for a DW DWCP5500TD 5000 Series Heavy Duty 2-Leg Hi-hat Stand that’s in excellent condition and works flawlessly. Save well over $100 by avoiding retail, and grab this hi hat stand!

 The DW 5500TD is a double-braced 2-leg hi-hat stand with DW's heavy-duty tubing. Packed with DW's integrated memory locks, easy-swiveling legs, a locking clutch, and professional Lateral Cymbal Seat Adjustment, the DW 5500TD is just the right  addition to any kit. Plus, it features DW's patented Folding Spring-release Footboard, for added mechanical reliability. This design releases all tension on the spring and compactly locks the footboard in place for transport. The right stand at the right price, you can't go wrong with the DW 5500TD.

The DW 5500TD Double-braced 2-leg Hi-hat Stand Features:

  • Heavy-duty 2-leg hi-hat stand, double-braced
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat Adjustment
  • Spring-release Footboard
  • Integrated Memory Locks
  • Swiveling Legs
  • Locking Clutch
  • Tallest playing height: 42"
  • Lowest playing height: 28"
  • Weight: 11.7 lbs.