Gretsch 14x6.5” Hand Hammered Steel Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Gretsch 14x6.5” Hand Hammered Steel Snare Drum that’s in mint condition.  No flaws are found anywhere on this drum.  

A hammered steel snare for the heavy hitter.

This Gretsch Hammered Black Steel Snare features a 1.2mm steel shell that is hammered to enhance its tone and give it a slightly dryer overall attack. The drum offers a wide tuning range, full attack and musical overtones.

The drum also features die-cast hoops for cutting rim shots, bridge lugs and black nickel plating. Available in multiple sizes, this visually stunning snare is integral to any setup.


  • Snare Size: 14x6.5”
  • Shell Material: Steel
  • Shell Construction: Rolled
  • Shell Thickness (mm): 1.2
  • Bearing Edge: 45°
  • Reinforcement Ring: No
  • Hardware Material: Steel
  • Hoop Type: Die-cast
  • Lugs: Bridge
  • Throw-Off: Side
  • Internal muffler: No
  • Snares: Steel
  • Heads: Remo Coated Control Sound
  • Finish Type: Nickel-plated