Gretsch Catalina Bop Kit 4pc Shell Pack with Snare Drum in White Marine Pearl

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This listing is for a Gretsch Catalina Club Bop Kit 4pc Shell Pack with Snare Drum in White Marine Pearl that’s essentially brand new.  Only played a handful of times, this kit works and sounds just like it should, and will even exceed your expectations.  GRAB THIS KIT NOW, AND SAVE $300 OVER BUYING RETAIL!!!

With shells built from seven plies of rich mahogany and clothed in a groovy satin wrap, the Gretsch Catalina Club shell pack packs retro vibes and hard-hitting tone for just about any style of music. Don't let the diminutive shell sizes fool you — this kit is up for whatever music you're in the mood for. The 30-degree bearing edges and the beefy Gretsch hardware endow this kit with classic tone and road-tested durability. It really is the ideal set for gigging around town or designating as a house kit. The rack and floor toms serve up period-correct vibe, striking a satisfying balance with the kick and snare. And thanks to their mesmerizing white marine pearl finish, this Catalina Club really makes an entrance onstage or in a studio.

Mahogany shells give you great low-end thump

Gretsch's Catalina Club shells are built from seven plies of classic mahogany. What does that mean? Here's a refresher course on tonewoods: of the three most commonly used shell woods — mahogany, maple, and birch — mahogany is the softest. Softer woods tend to produce more bottom end, which really maximizes the nearfield response of the smaller shells when sitting behind this set. And just like Gretsch drums of antiquity, the Catalina Club sports 30-degree bearing edges for a decidedly dryer tone overall. If you're looking for a smaller kit with controlled overtones and satisfying low-end response, the Catalina Club is the shell pack for you.

Less is more

This Catalina Club's bass drum is only 14 inches deep. If you're accustomed to playing deeper kicks, you've been moving a lot of air — needlessly, some would say. You'll find that this kick's size really focuses your attack. With less air to move, you can be more fleet-footed and expressive with your parts. And expressiveness is what music's all about, right?

Be a part of Gretsch's American music legacy

The Catalina Club shell pack is a proud part of Gretsch's legacy in American music. Everyone knows about Gretsch electric guitars and drums, but did you know that Gretsch got its start in 1883 as a banjo company? It wasn't long before Gretsch was making mandolins, ukuleles, and eventually flat-top guitars, contributing to the very roots of modern American music. So when you play a Gretsch instrument, you're playing more than great shells; you're playing a piece of American music history.

Cymbals and stands not included.

Gretsch Catalina Club 4-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Retro feel and tone
  • Turn-back-the-clock satin wraps
  • 7-ply mahogany shells exhibit a chewy midrange and beefy low end
  • 30° bearing edges optimize head-shell response
  • Road-tested Gretsch drum hardware
  • No standing hardware or cymbals are included