Gretsch Renown Series 14x6.5” Snare Drum in Deep Cherry Burst

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This listing is for a Gretsch Renown Series 14x6.5” Snare Drum in Deep Cherry Burst that’s in absolutely perfect condition.  It works meticulously, and is in pristine condition.  

The new Renown Maple Snare in 14" x 6.5" from Gretsch has been trimmed even more meticulously and with an eye for detail than its predecessor. The 7-layer maple shell promises a dynamic, warm sound with a round sustain and a wonderful attack. Recently, the Gretsch Renown Maple series has also been equipped with the proven 302' Hoop, which definitely produces more brilliance and a projection rich in overtones.

The Gretsch Renown Series snare drum delivers a tone and playing experience that will have you going back to it for every musical genre and style. Its sound covers the warm tones of the 1950s as easily as it punches with the authority of 1980s rock. Much of the snare's versatility comes from its 7-ply maple construction and 30-degree bearing edge. And Gretsch upgraded the Renown Series with their 302 hoops, which exude the same character as die-cast hoops but with added resonance thanks to their lighter weight.

Gretsch Renown 6.5" x 14" Snare Drum Features:

  • Snare drum designed for any genre or style
  • 7-ply maple shell offers sensitivity and power
  • 30-degree bearing edges imbue the shell with a softer attack and more warmth
  • 302 hoops are lighter for more resonance