Gretsch USA Chrome Over Brass 14x8” Snare Drum With 302 Hoops

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This listing is for a Gretsch USA COB 14x8” Snare Drum that’s in MINT condition.  This rather rare drum is an amazing, full sounding drum with countless features. 

And YES, you read that correctly!  We have a mint Gretsch 8x14" USA Custom Chrome over Brass 20-Lug Snare Drum with 3mm, 302 Hoops. 

This drum is an 8x14" USA Custom Chrome over Brass 20-Lug snare drum, which is not currently in the Gretsch USA Catalog, making this drum quite the rarity!

It sounds great tuned high and low, and would make an excellent addition to any set up or collection thanks to the workhorse nature of brass shell snares; true versatility at an extremely reasonable price…

This drum comes with Gretsch's lightning throwoff, adjustable butt plate, 20 single ended lugs, 40 Strand Snare Wires, Gretsch's 302 hoops for a wetter sound, and a chrome finish that's definitely going to wow the audience at your next gig!