Ludwig - 1977 Vintage Acrolite 14x5” LM404 8-Lug Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Ludwig - 1977 Vintage Acrolite 14x5” Snare Drum that’s in stellar condition with what appears to us as only having 1-2 very small scratches.  The drum plays beautifully, and has had extreme care given to it since 1977. 

Originally introduced in 1963 as a student drum, the Ludwig Acrolite quickly became the choice of pro players in need of dry, cracking snare tone.

Welcome on Stage, Or In The Studio!

For many years, the Ludwig Acrolite snare drum has been the choice of students learning to play the drums. With time, its reputation has only grown. It’s now welcomed onto the stage or into the studio as well. The solid, seamless aluminum shell has a track record of durability. Made from the same components, less 2 lugs, as the Supraphonic.

Many drummers claim the Ludwig Acrolite snare is as good as any in the reputable Ludwig lineup. The sound is slightly muted, though still crisp, which makes it perfect for quieter tracks and smaller venues live. This is the go-to snare of many professionals and gig playing professionals and amateurs alike. The drum is easy to tune, which should be done frequently.

Like many drums, the Ludwig Acrolite snare drum has evolved through different renditions over the years. This  drum from 1977 has 8 lugs, not 10 as they are built today, and may create a tendency to over tighten, so go easy there.

Overall Rating – DrumPickers: 5 Stars

The Ludwig Acrolite snare drum features near excellent quality and wonderful sound. The price point is usually less than that of comparable Ludwigs. Even the venerable Supraphonic. As a result, we believe this is one of the better values on the market. We give it 5 Stars, as this drum is in outstanding condition!