Ludwig Accent 4Pc Drum Kit in Silver Sparkle

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This listing is for a Ludwig Accent 4Pc Drum Kit in Silver Sparkle.  The kit is in immaculate condition, and performs perfectly.  

This featured kit includes a 14x5.5” Ddrum Snare Drum (in Sequoia Red), 10” & 12” toms, 16” Floor tom, and 22x16” Bass Drum (in Silver Sparkle).  Ludwig Foot Pedal, cymbal stand, and snare drum stand are included, along with the tom arms, and floor tom legs. No cymbals or hi hat stand are included. 

The Ludwig Accent Series complete drum set has helped to launch the careers of countless drummers. This 5-piece kit comprises a Ddrum (100% Alder Shell) Sequoia Red snare drum, bass drum, two rack toms, and a floor tom, which are crafted from select hardwood with attractive wrap finishes. Additionally, this Accent kit includes a variety of hardware that features a snare stand, a cymbal stand, a double tom mount, and a kick drum pedal.

With a road-worthy build, storied Ludwig tone, and a knockout look, the Ludwig Accent Series complete drum set supplies virtually everything a new player needs to start their drumming journey!

 Ludwig Accent Kit Includes:

5-piece shell pack

  • 22-inch x 16-inch bass drum
  • 10-inch x 7-inch rack tom
  • 12-inch x 8-inch rack tom
  • 16-inch x 16-inch floor tom
  • Ddrum 14-inch x 5.5-inch snare drum

hardware package

  • Snare stand
  • Double tom mount
  • cymbal stand
  • Kick pedal