Ludwig L204SF Speed Flyer Kick Drum Pedal

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This listing is for a Ludwig L204SF Speed Flyer Kick Drum Pedal that’s in mint condition, and works flawlessly. 

The top-of-the-line Ludwig Speed Flyer chain-driven single bass drum pedal takes its visual cues from classic Ludwig designs and ups the ante with a slew of modern, high-performance features. The Speed Flyer’s beater retains the traditional sizing, but it has an improved design and increased weight for a more focused strike. Bushings have been upgraded to smooth action bearings, delivering a more responsive feel. A redesigned toe clamp minimizes hoop damage and provides a secure and reliable grip. Additionally, the Speed Flyer has a stronger baseboard than previous Ludwig kick pedals, new ergonomic wing bolts, and a very convenient attached drum key. The Speed Flyer boasts clear orientation marks for easy and consistent cam adjustments, making setup a breeze!

Ludwig Speed Flyer Single Bass Drum Pedal Features:

  • Ludwig’s flagship chain-driven single bass drum pedal
  • Classic-inspired design with a sleek look and modern features
  • Improved, heavier beater provides a focused strike
  • Smooth action bearings deliver a responsive feel
  • Redesigned toe clamp minimizes hoop damage and offers a secure, reliable grip
  • Conveniently attached drum key
  • Orientation mark for fast, reproducible cam adjustments