Ludwig Vintage 80’s Classic Maple 4 Pc Drum Kit in Piano Black

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This listing is for a vintage Ludwig 1980’s 4 Pc Classic Maple Drum Kit in Piano Black that makes its 7-Ply maple shells thunder (in addition to exuding class, and style)…

Shell sizes include 10x9” and 12x10” Rack Toms, 16x16” Floor Tom, and 22x16” Bass Drum.  All drums feature brand new Remo Powerstroke 4 heads, gold/brass tension rods, and gold/brass bass drum claws.  All bearing edges are perfect, and aside from just a couple of slight scuffs (not noticeable to the naked eye), the drums are in absolutely superb condition.

Note: This listing is for the drums, floor tom legs, and mounting hardware to the toms ONLY. No stands, cymbals, or snare drum are included. 

These drums are the return of true classics. Grab ‘um while they’re still available!