Mapex 14x6” Bird’s Eye Maple Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Mapex 14x6” Bird’s Eye Maple Snare Drum that’s in outstanding condition, especially given its age. 

The drum consists of 5 plies of North American Maple, and 1 outer ply of Bird’s Eye Maple.  It features 10 extremely well constructed lugs linked by and adjustable bar between the top and bottom lug.  In addition it boasts die-cast hoops, and brass accents (i.e. air vent and 20 tension rods).  To give it precise tuning, it also features dual tension adjustment, similar to symphonic snares.  

The drum’s range is amazing, and has a sweet spot that brings about unlimited attack, as well as a “gloriously warm tone”.  It features a newer coated Evans G2 batter side, and Evans 300 Hazy Snare Side head. 

This drum is ideal for a long list of musical situations, and one you’ll be sure to desire for your collection.