Mapex 14x6” Saturn Pro (Walnut/Maple) with Dual Tension in Twilight Blue

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This listing is for a Mapex Saturn Pro 14x6” Snare Drum constructed in 4-Ply Maple Walnut and finished in Twilight Blue with dual tension.  This drum is meticulous and shows little to ZERO wear, and sounds absolutely unbelievable.  

We’d recommend this drum for a variety of settings in studio because of it super-thin shell and materials that bring out an utterly gorgeous tone and resonance.  The 20 lugs (10 up/10 down) bring about wonderful tuning range, and the dual tension multiplies it’s clarity on a “steroid-style” basis.  

Brand new German made snare wires, Mapex 2.3mm Power Hoops, and new heads round out the quality of tone, while the Twilight Blue lacquer finish on this drum is spotless.