Mapex Orion Classic Series 14x5.5 Snare Drum in Burnt Mappa Burl

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This listing is for a Mapex Orion Classic Series 14x5.5 Snare Drum with an outer veneer of Burnt Mappa Burl.  

This drum exudes class, starting with the Mappa Burl finish, and moving to the gold plated lugs.  Those accents continue beautifully with the brass tension rods and 2.3mm triple flanged Mapex Power hoops. However it’s the sound of the 7-play maple shell, Pursound snare wires, and the gold plated dual tension system that dials in that gorgeous sound…

The tone is the picture of focus, and control.  Sensitivity brings about its diversity to play a variety of musical genres, but when power is needed, this drum can more than deliver.  

The drum is ideal in just about any setting, and is immaculate.  Only a very slight nick here or there (if you can find them.)  These have been obsolete for a while, so due to the rarity of the drum, collectors grab them when they become available.  Here’s YOUR chance!!!