Mapex Saturn 14x5.5” Maple/Walnut Snare Drum in Red Burst Sparkle

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This listing is for a Mapex Saturn 14x5.5” Snare Drum in Red Burst Sparkle that’s in virtually brand new condition (with perhaps only a spec of rust on the bottom hoop).

These snare drums are considered high-end recording snare drums and for good reason. Starting with the thin ply maple-walnut shells, low mass lugs, and 2.3mm power hoops, these drums convey power, tone, and balance with a regal flare. The dual tuning system enables a balanced tone that’s unmatched, while the 20 low mass lugs are imperative to the balance of tuning.  The shell itself produces a wide, and EXTREMELY full range and dynamic snare drum sound. 

The lacquered red burst sparkle shell commands immediate attention, and promotes the regal sound that one is about to hear. 

Bullet Points:

*Thin maple/walnut shell

*20 low mass lugs ensuring balanced tone

*Dual tension strainer system allows fine tuning

*2.3mm Power Hoops maintain tuning 

*Red Burst Sparkle Lacquered shell commands attention