Paiste 14” Medium 2000 Hi Hat Cymbals (Pair)

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This listing is for a pair of Paiste 14” Medium 2000 Hi Hat Cymbals (Pair).  These cymbals are in very good condition and are without any cracks or keyholing. 

Paiste 2000

2000 logo.jpg

Introduction: 1986

Discontinued: 1995


Innovation: This Line was thought as semi-professional Line settled below the 3000 and 2002 Lines. It was created as the successor of the discontinued 505 line with a wider range of models and variation of finish treatments.
The 2000 Line was divided as Traditional, Sound Reflections and Colorsound.

Alloy: CuSn8 (Also known as "2002 Bronze")

Quality: Semi Professional

Offered as: 2000 Regular Finish - 2000 Colorsound - 2000 Sound Reflections

Applications: 2000 series cymbals can be used in many applications, from live to studio.

Users: Paul Wertico