Paiste 2000 20” Blue Label Reflections Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a Paiste 20" 2000 Sound Reflections Power Ride Cymbal that's in very good condition.   There's no cracks, "unauthorized dents", or keyholing going on, and despite some wear on the label, the cymbal has all the breadth of tone expected in a Paiste Ride of this caliber.  

The 2000 sound reflection Series were in production for 6 years starting 1989 and then discontinued in 1995 along with the entire 2000 line up.

This particular Ride Cymbal has years of full life and character left.  You'll noticed the somewhat reserved response to the hammering of this cymbal, enabling it to be the right fit to jazz, country, or straight ahead rock-n-roll.  The sticking definition isn't overpowering, and the wash is ideal.  The sustain this cymbal provides is just right, and not too bright.  This is an excellent selection as a primary ride, or back up.