Paiste 2002 Heavy Hi-Hats

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This listing is for a set of Paiste 2002 Heavy H-Hats that are in excellent condition with only the wash of patina that’s taken place over the top hat.

 The Paiste 2002 Heavy Hi-hats share characteristics with other weighty cymbals: namely, they're bright, bold, and cutting. But the story doesn't end there. DrumPickers  drummers are impressed with how musical these hats sound at any dynamic level. For being so substantial, the 2002 Heavy Hi-hats are neither excessively bright nor loud. But you can certainly hear their weight in stick attacks and as you pump time. Their smoky wash goes great with rootsy bluesy rock, classic rock, and metal.

 Paiste 2002 14" Heavy Hi-hats Features:

  • Heavy cymbals with a musical response
  • Medium-heavy top, heavy bottom
  • Smoky wash sound works great for classic rock and metal
  • Bright attack remains musical at loud volumes
  • Mellows out at soft dynamics
  • Made in Switzerland

You’ll receive projection and musicality with Paiste 2002 14" Heavy Hi-hats!