Paiste 3000 20” Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Paiste 3000 20” crash cymbal that’s a professional level cymbal in standard finish. This cymbal sounds amazing and is in excellent shape with no cracks or keyholing. 

The Paiste 3000 line of cymbals is An extension of the classic 2002 sound, the 3000s were given added strength in the middle to low frequency range, enabling it to compete better with mid-range heavy Rock guitar sounds, especially in 3000 RUDE.(1)
Innovation: Employing a new (at the time) lathing on a B8 alloy, it looks like the lathing carried over to the new "Signature" series in 1989.
Alloy: CuSn8 (Also known as "2002 Bronze")
Quality: Professional
Offered as: 3000 Regular Finish - 3000 Reflector
Production: 3000 series cymbals feature a ribbon lathing, also used on Signature cymbals.
Applications: 3000 series cymbals can be used in many applications, from live to studio.
Users: Tommy Lee, Cozy Powell, Tico Torres, Stewart Copeland, Ron Tutt
Sound: Generally the same brilliance as 2002, but with added lower frequencies, they sound larger and not as clean; very explosive, extreme volume, particularly in 3000 RUDE; 3000 REFLECTOR add a glassy, shimmering quality; these cymbals are generally preferred by Rock and Heavy Metal musicians,and in any situation that requires extreme volume.(1)