Pearl 14x5” Duoluxe Pearl Inlaid Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Pearl 14x5” Pearl Duoluxe Snare Drum that’s brand new.

The fabled sound of Pearl's late-'70s COB Jupiter snare drums makes a triumphant return in today's Pearl Duoluxe. This handsome chrome-over-brass snare succeeds in bringing the bright, clean tonal power and fingertip sensitivity of Pearl's original design to a modern stage and session instrument. Just like the original, the Pearl Duoluxe features a 1mm shell of heavily chrome-plated brass, complete with inverted shell beads for added strength and dual bands of inlaid Delmar Nicotine White Marine Pearl shell wrap for a one-of-a-kind presentation. The Pearl Duoluxe comes outfitted with a set of rigid 2.3mm triple-flanged SuperHoop IIs for an uncompromisingly classic tone. Additional appointments include modified Battleship lugs and a smooth-action SR-017 throw off. You also get a Remo USA Ambassador Smooth White batter head for great sound and feel from the first moment you tune up. From jazz to funk and blues to metal, this snare packs the sound, response, and output to serve endless musical applications.

Beaded 1mm chrome-over-brass shell

The Duoluxe's premier tone starts with a 1mm shell of heavily chrome-plated brass — an alloy that's been employed in snare drums for nearly as long as the drum set has been around. The Duoluxe looks back to Pearl's late-'70s Jupiter snares for its trademark inverted shell beads. But where this snare makes an about-face is its twin finish bands of inlaid Delmar Nicotine White Marine Pearl shell wrap. Together, these elements give the Pearl Duoluxe an unforgettable tone and presentation.

SuperHoop IIs

Pearl's ultra-rigid 2.3mm SuperHoop II triple-flanged hoops give the Duoluxe snare watch-setting tuning stability, stage-weathering rimshot insurance, and — above all — a wide-open tone to suit a vast range of musical stylings.

Double-sided Battleship lugs

A modified heritage lug shape gives the Pearl Duoluxe snare a taste of the traditional while cashing in on Pearl's name-recognized hardware performance.

SR-017 throw off

The Duoluxe trades in the quirky Parallel Action Strainer of the COB Jupiter for another Nashville favorite: the side-throw SR-017 throw off. This "meat and potatoes" snare system is a mainstay for touring professionals. Its smooth action and hefty weight make for a throw off that won't succumb to the rigors of the road, nor will it slip in the heat of a performance.

Ambassador Smooth White coated head

For great sound the moment you first tune up, the Pearl Duoluxe snare you buy from DrumPickers LLC comes stock with a Remo USA Ambassador Smooth White coated head. This 10-mil single-ply batter head is regarded for its warm, open, resonant response and soft feel under sticks.

Pearl Duoluxe Chrome Over Brass 14-inch Snare Drum Features:

  • Successor to Pearl's COB Jupiter snares of the late 1970s
  • Shell size: 5 inches x 14 inches
  • Brimming with bright, clean tonal power
  • Fingertip snare sensitivity
  • 1mm shell of heavily chrome-plated brass
  • Jupiter-inspired inverted shell beads
  • Twin finish bands of shell-inlaid of Delmar Nicotine White Marine Pearl shell wrap
  • Rigid SuperHoop IIs give you unwavering classic tone
  • Modified Battleship lugs pack on the vintage flair
  • 10-mil Remo USA Ambassador Smooth White head gives you supreme tone and feel