Pearl 14x6.5” Master’s Maple Snare Drum in Natural Gloss Lacquer - missing outer badge

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This listing is for a Pearl 14x6.5” Master’s Maple Snare Drum in Natural Gloss Lacquer that’s in mint condition, EXCEPT for the missing outer badge.  The drum even has the screws in the location of where the badge is located.  However, this obviously does not effect the sound at all.

*Pictured is the badge that is missing, or (i.o.w.) the badge in which you will need to pursue if you’re interested in doing so. 

Whether you’re seeking a matching snare for your Masters Maple shell pack, looking for a solid auxiliary option, or in need of a present and projective main snare candidate, the Masters Maple series by Pearl is the perfect place to turn. With a 7.5mm shell composed of six layers of handpicked North American maple, you'll enjoy that full and focused legendary maple tone with exceptional projection fit for any performance space. Shaved with 45° bearing edges, this Masters Maple snare drum promotes a freer vibration of the batter head for maximum resonance and tuning potential. In terms of responsiveness, the Masters Maple achieves an expert combination of snap and midrange punch, making it a knockout piece onstage and a producer's best friend in the studio. Outfitted with Pearl’s proprietary Mastercast die-cast hoops, you can expect a full-bodied sound with fantastic contact intensity and hard-cutting rimshots and cross-sticks during studio work and while on the road.

Pearl Masters Maple Snare Drum Features:

  • Ideal as a main, auxiliary, or matching snare for your Masters Maple shell pack
  • 7.5mm shell boasts six layers of hand-selected North American maple for superior projection and tone
  • Snappy responsiveness with great midrange presence proves ideal for both stages and studios
  • 45° bearing edges allow for freer vibration of drumheads for exceptional resonance and tuning range
  • Mastercast die-cast hoops provide professional-grade tuning stability and ultra-defined rimshots and cross-sticks
  • UPGRADED 30-Strand Puresound snare wires
  • Like new coated Remo Emperor batter, and Remo snare side heads.