Pearl Crystal Beat CRB524P/C 4-piece Shell Pack - 50-anniversary Limited-Edition Liquid Smoke Drum Kit With BONUS DrumPickers Matching Snare!

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This listing is for a Pearl 50th Anniversary Crystal Beat 4Pc Drum Kit in Liquid Smoke With a BONUS DrumPickers Matching 14x6” Snare! 

The DrumPickers Liquid Smoke 14x6” drum features a 1/4” seamless acrylic shell that really brings the punch and power to music that requires “pop”! The drum also features 8 Sonor Style “Shotgun Shell” lugs to get the perfect tuning for a host of musical genres, and if that wasn’t enough, 2.3mm hoops, and in addition, the brass tension rods allow smooth transition from high, to low tuning every time.  No seizing up in these lugs with brass tension rods. 

With its power and projection, the DrumPickers Custom Acrylic snare is ideal for rock, funk, pop, and various progressive and alternative rock formats. (This is OVER A $300 VALUE!)

Over the past half-century, the Pearl Crystal Beat drum kit has showcased that inspiring transparent aesthetic to the stages, studios, and home spaces of countless drummers. And since the Crystal Beat is turning 50, Pearl is releasing a gorgeous limited-edition Liquid Smoke Crystal Beat to celebrate — and DrumPicker’s is in on the action!

Just like the original, this Crystal Beat’s shells are composed of 7mm molded acrylic (never rolled) that offers a robust resonance and powerful impact like no other material, with bearing edges coming trimmed to 45° focused perfection. Its bass drum hoops even join in on the Liquid Smoke acrylic fun. Beyond the shells, however, this 4-piece proves its rock-steadiness courtesy of some of Pearl’s most high-performing hardware components, including their revered Optimount tom suspension system, CRBL lugs, and 1.6mm triple flanged hoops.

The impact of molded acrylic

Pearl takes pride in the fact that, unlike other acrylic drum builders, their Crystal Beat is molded to form, rather than rolled. The result is a 7mm shell that’s stronger and more durable than most, guaranteed to last you a good long time. Its 45° bearing edges ensure absolutely even connection with its drumheads, creating a balanced punch with maximum control and articulation. The tone itself is huge, with a deep thump, round character, and clear response that strays from any lingering overtones. With such a projection, the Crystal Beat is also perfect for stage settings and will make a fantastic gigging kit.


Hardware that has your back

Equipped with Pearl’s Optimount tom suspension system, you can be sure that you’re getting the most tone out of your shells with every strike. Thanks to its effective 4-point iso-mount engineering, the Optimount ensures that the natural resonance of the acrylic remains unpolluted. Backing up this top-notch appointment are Pearl’s snazzy and sturdy CRBL lugs as well as a set of 1.6mm triple flanged hoops that keep things lightweight and won’t take a huge toll on your drumsticks. Drum the way you’re meant to drum — the Crystal Beat can handle it.


Pearl Crystal Beat CRB524P/C 50th-anniversary 4-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Limited-edition Liquid Smoke finish with matching bass drum hoops!
  • 7mm acrylic shells produce a deep, present, robust, and clear tonality
  • Molded engineering promotes excellent strength and durability
  • 45° bearing edges mean even drumhead contact with more punch and control
  • Phenomenal projection that really excels in live settings
  • Optimount tom suspension allows for maximum shell resonance
  • Handsome CRBL lugs offer steadfast intonation and sturdy dependability
  • 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops are lightweight and easy on your sticks
  • Celebrates 50 years since the introduction of the Crystal Beat in 1973
  • Perfect for acrylic drum fanatics and Pearl enthusiasts
  • Matching DrumPickers 14x6” Molded Acrylic Snare drum in Liquid Smoke