Pearl FTMM1405/C321 Maple 14x5” Free Floating Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Pearl Free Floating Maple FTMM1405/C321 snare drum that’s in excellent condition and works perfectly without any flaws. 

The Pearl Free Floating maple snare is a versatile snare drum with great tone and stellar hardware. There's a reason why maple snares are so popular; they have a warm and focused sound that works well on stage and in the studio — this snare is no different. The 6-ply maple shell is equipped with Pearl's MasterCast die-cast hoops that give this snare's attack an extra bite that helps it cut through almost any mix. Meanwhile, its free-floating lug system lets your shell resonate as it naturally would without any hardware dampening the shell. And if you're particular about your snare tension, like most drummers at Sweetwater, you'll love the Glide Lock strainer that eliminates the need for strainer adjustment.

Free-floating lugs for better tone and shell swapping

By keeping the lugs off of the shell, Pearl's free-floating lug system introduces many benefits over traditionally mounted lugs. First, Pearl does not have to drill into the shell to mount hardware that limits how much your shell can resonate. Your drum will be producing a clearer tone and louder sound. Second, this system lets you swap in other free-floating shells in a matter of minutes. This feature makes for a cost-effective way to test other shell compositions for different music styles.

Warm and Versatile 6-ply maple shell

As the go-to material for drum making, maple drums are famous for their balanced tone and ability to crack through a mix. This snare has a strong projection and bright crack that is perfect for any application you can think of. Whether you want to play in a church or an arena, the Pearl Free Floating maple snare won't disappoint.

MasterCast hoops add extra pop to the attack

The Pearl Free Floating maple snare comes with a pair of MasterCast die-cast hoops that add extra projection and note definition while providing a dry attack. These die-cast hoops let the Free Floating maple snare achieve a greater tuning range than other maple snares.

Pearl Free Floating 5" x 14" Maple Snare Drum Features:

  • Dynamic and responsive feel makes playing a breeze
  • 6-ply 7.5mm maple construction is warm and balanced
  • MasterCast hoops add extra attack volume and crack
  • Free-floating lugs let you swap in other free-floating shells
  • SR-1000F strainer locks your snare tension to eliminate the need for adjustments
  • Satin lacquer natural maple finish looks and feels classic