Pearl Master’s Custom 14x6.5” Gloss Maple Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Pearl Master’s Custom 14x6.5” Gloss Maple Snare Drum that’s in excellent condition with all parts working perfectly.  

This 6-ply maple snare drum was manufactured using the highest construction standards in the music industry.  The SST (Superior Shell Technology) applied requires over 1000lbs of pressure within the dies forming the shell, while submerged in Pearl’s proprietary “acousti-glue” that uses a very similar molecular pattern as the wood itself.  This in turn develops the strongest shells in the business.  

Pearl Masters drums have been used on countless recordings because of this.  In addition, the 10 bridge style  lugs, Mastercast Hoops, S117 throw off system, and the hi-gloss lacquered shell all combine to create the world’s most professional series drum.