Pearl MCX1455S/C258 Master’s Custom Snare Drum in #258 Black Silk

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This listing is for a Pearl MCX1455S/C258 Master’s Custom Snare Drum in #258 Black Silk.  

Pearl uses nothing but the finest construction to build their drums starting with the SST (Superior Shell Technology).  The SST system boasts over 1000lbs in their dies, pressing together their shells, insuring a perfectly round shell for life.  Other brands? They use somewhere between 300-500lbs, and most don’t guarantee their drums for life. 

The 6-ply maple shell uses CL55 bridge lugs, brass inserts (insuring that tension bolts will NEVER seize up in any of the 10 lugs), Mastercast die-cast hoops, and their classic SR017 Strainer system.  

The combination of these things consistently produces some of the finest looking, and sounding drums on the planet…