Pearl S830 - 830 Series Double Braced Snare Stand

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This listing is for a Pearl S830 - 830 Series Double Braced Snare Stand that’s brand new. 

A snare stand is a lot like a seatbelt — it's easy to overlook the importance of one until it doesn't work when you need it to. Fortunately, the Pearl S830 is loaded with common-sense features that'll have you playing your best, all at an affordable price. These include a gearless Uni-lock basket tilter for precision playing angles, double-braced legs for a firm foundation under your feet, and rubber basket arm and leg tips to resist sympathetic vibrations from creeping up into your snare mic. The Pearl S830 Uni-lock snare stand is just another reason why, Pearl is The Best Reason to Play Drums.

Uni-lock technology unlocks limitless playing angles

Any drummer who has cut their teeth on traditional hardware knows the pain of geared tilters in cymbal and snare stands. The angle you want is invariably between two gears, which makes you compromise on placement. And after a long session, even these small tolerances in playing angle can hamper your performance. That's why we love Uni-lock tech, which uses a toothless tilter to lock in your playing angle exactly where you want it, without compromise.

Pearl S830 Uni-lock Snare Drum Stand Features:

  • A no-compromises snare stand for a good price
  • Travels light, stands sturdy
  • Uni-lock basket tilter offers precise playing angles
  • Double-braced legs resist toppling
  • Rubber basket arm tips and leg tips reduce sympathetic vibrations
  • Adjusts from 16.9" to 24.4" tall
  • Basket accepts 13" to 14" drums