Pearl Sensitone 14x6.5” Aluminum Alloy Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Pearl 14x6.5” Aluminum Alloy Snare Drum that’s in perfect working order.  The drum shows a few scratches (as seen in the pics), but provides unmatchable tone, and superior response.  The drum has been previously owned, but restored by DrumPickers professionals. 

It’s The Dry, Fat Sound of Aluminum!

The Pearl Sensitone Alloy Series delivers stunning snare tone that evokes the sound and personality of classic rock, soul, and R&B — a vital drum sound that’s provided the unwavering backbeat to popular music for decades. With modern and classic touches, including Pearl’s top-notch SuperHoop II flanged hoops, CL bridge lugs, and an SR-017 strainer, Pearl Sensitone Alloy Series snare drums provide a timeless look and high-performance feel at an incredible price. The Sensitone Alloy aluminum snare drum features a 1.2mm seamless beaded shell for a dry, fat sound with a quick decay — ideal for everything from smoothed-out Laurel Canyon vibes to crispy Stax-inspired funk and even frantic D.C.-style hardcore. When they’re looking for a snare with mega impact that clears the way for the other instruments to speak, DrumPickers drummers often grab the Pearl Sensitone Alloy aluminum snare drum — it’s one legendary drum flavor you definitely want in your arsenal!

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SuperHoop IIs

SuperHoop II hoops, Pearl's signature 2.3mm steel flanged hoops, give the Sensitone Alloy aluminum snare dependable strength and premium tone. Both top and bottom hoops are engraved for an executive look — but don't let that stop you from laying into it with your heaviest flams, backbeats, and rimshots.

CL bridge lugs

Fitted with Pearl's beloved classic black powder - coated CL bridge lugs, the Sensitone Alloy aluminum snare boasts a timeless look and offers the right amount of vibration control.

SR-017 strainer

The Sensitone Alloy aluminum snare features Pearl's highly regarded SR-017 strainer. This strainer sports a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head contact, while using minimal tension. The end result? Superior snare response at all playing levels.

Pearl Sensitone Alloy Aluminum 14-inch Snare Drum Features:

  • Seamless beaded aluminum shell produces a dry, fat tone with fast decay
  • Superhoop II steel hoops supply rugged strength and a timeless attack
  • Classic CL lugs have a timeless look and just-right vibration control
  • SR-017 strainer provides ideal snare-to-head contact with minimal tension
  • Ships with Evans Coated ST head for dependable tone
  • Puresound Snare Wires