Pearl VBL Vision 22x18” All Birch Bass Drum in Concord Fade Lacquer

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This listing is for a Pearl VBL Vision 22x18” All Birch Bass Drum that’s in #Concord Fade Lacquer, and NOW in great condition.  

The drum has a completely restored 8” crack in the shell (as seen in the pictures), however it went through only 3 of the 6 plies of birch that make up this shell, and now it’s been repaired.

This drum will include a new, and extra black lacquer 22” hoop as the original hoop (although also repaired), was cracked as well.  So you’ll see this drum with two different resonant side hoops, one brand new, and one that has been repaired.  Both will be included.

This gorgeous drum features:

*6 Ply ALL Birch LacquShell

*Black Powdercoat Hardware 

*Additional Black Lacquer Hoop

*BB3 Bass Drum Tom Mount