Remo 10” Roto-Tom with Mapex Stand

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This listing is for a 10” Remo Roto-Tom with a Mapex stand that’s in excellent condition. 

Remo 10'' Roto-tom

  • Individual 10'' rototom for your own setup
  • Popular sound that works in a variety of situations
  • Rapid tuning system lets you immediately tune the drum by rotating it
  • Produces a high-pitch tone with an open, fully resonant sound
The iconic rototom sound. Perfected by drumhead masters Remo. The Remo 10'' Rototom produces an open, resonant sound that's perfect for live performance, recording, percussion ensembles and symphonic concerts. They feature a rapid tuning system that allows you to tune the drum simply by rotating it. Great for on the fly, immediate tuning changes and creative uses.

Distinct, percussive sound

Rototoms produce excellent Latin percussion sounds along with the timbre of timpani, but with their own distinctive tone. Rototoms do not have a traditional drum shell. Instead, the drumhead and counterhoop are mounted on an aluminium frame (spoke) through which the tension rods are attached to a bottom frame which is mounted on a threaded center bolt. Rotating the frame raises or lowers the tension, thus raising or lowering the pitch of the drum.