Rhythm & Steel’s WALLET DRUM KEY

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Here’s the latest in innovation by Rhythm & Steel: 

The Wallet Drum Key, featuring a variety of essential functions for all drummers!  The Wallet Drum Key fits easily in to any wallet, and is the size of a credit card. 

It not only tunes your drums, but it provides an accurate point of measure for a host of needs including measuring drum shell width, or seating drum heads accurately to insure hoops and shells are in round. 

It’s also a quick use tool to insure lugs, and other critical components are tight, and at the end of the night, it’s your assistant in opening cold drinks.

Fits on any key chain as well!  So forget the old drum key that gets lost, or forgotten somewhere.  Order the Wallet Drum Key, and ensure all your bases are covered at your gigs! 

Made right here in Nashville, Tennessee!