Rogers 6.5x14” Big R Dynasonic Snare Drum (Circa. 1974)

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This listing is for a Rogers 6.5”x14” Big R Dynasonic Snare Drum that’s in very good condition.  This drum has a few traces of rust and some slight pitting on the lugs, but nothing too bad. The drum plays like it did the day it rolled off the line, with beautiful stick response, and full articulation of sound.  It’s range is amazing.

Along with the Ludwig Black Beauty, every serious drummer needs to play and own this particular series of snare drum as it’s one that helped define the sound of generations of drummers. 

The drum has a brand new 2.3mm chrome batter side hoop, stainless steel tension rods, and vinyl coated snare laces.  These classic drums (the 6.5x14” Dynasonics) are becoming more and more difficult to find, so grab this one to add to your snare drum arsenal NOW!