Sabian 18” Hand Hammered / HH Suspended Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Sabian 18” Hand Hammered / HH Suspended Crash Cymbal that’s in excellent condition and without any flaws.  

The Hand Hammered/HH crash cymbal is dark, moody, and complex. Heavily hand-hammered, they’re very traditional, but still love to get dirty. HH cymbals are truly exceptional and a great heritage to the HH family.

Rich, full-bodied, warm sound builds smoothly for crescendos or crashes boldly for accents. Perfect for orchestral, OR rock, pop rock, blues, funk, country or jazz genres. 

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  • Series: HH
  • Style: Vintage
  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Sound: Dark
  • Size: 18"
  • Weight: Thin