Sabian 22” Hand Hammered Rock Ride Cymbal

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This listing is for a Sabian 22” Hand Hammered Rock Ride Cymbal that’s in excellent condition.  No cracks, dings, or keyholing anywhere on this cymbal. 

The cutting bell and explosive attack of this Sabian HH Rock Ride might be emblematic of its name, but most drummers would suggest you take a deeper listen. As is typical with most cymbals from Sabian’s famous HH series, the extra hand hammering infuses the HH Rock Ride with a surprising amount of rich warm tone and harmonically complex wash underneath all that powerful high frequency cut and pointed stick definition. Not just a metallic metronome for heavy choruses, the HH Rock Ride may become your new favorite ride cymbal for rock and all genres beyond!


Sabian HH Rock Ride Features:

  • Dark and moody hand-hammered ride cymbal made from B20 bronze
  • Cutting bell and crystal-clear stick definition
  • Explosive attack and a complex wash when crashed
  • Warm undertones
  • Heavy weight gives it a long, rich sustain