Sabian Hand Hammered 21” Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal

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 This listing is for a Sabian Hand Hammered 21” Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal that’s in excellent condition and with the only discrepancy being the slightly fading Sabian label.  No keyholing, no cracks, perfect edge, and no flaws of any kind. 

Traditional hand hammering creates the ultimate Vintage Dark tone.  Tonally rich with dark, musically complex tone, Hand Hammered offers the ultimate in vintage dark sounds.  Individually crafted, each cymbal has a unique personality that lets you find your own one-f-a-kind sound in a selection of models for every style, from jazz to rock.

High-definition sticking with the right degree of warm, funky tone. Unlathed bell cuts with maximum clarity.

Style: Vintage
Sound: Vintage Dark
Metal: B20
Pitch: Level 1 (HH)
Finish: Natural or Brilliant (Specify Upon Purchase)
Weight: Medium - Heavy