Sabian HH 18” Viennese Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Sabian HH 18” Viennese Crash Cymbal that’s in very good condition, plays beautifully, and has essentially only the patina on it as a detractor (if you view cymbals that way). 

The SABIAN 18" HH Viennese cymbal is a thin-medium-weight cymbal and has moderate to extended sustain, which makes it a great general purpose cymbal. They are very popular because of their ability to blend with a variety of musical situations. SABIAN 18" HH Viennese are one of SABIAN's top-selling Hand Hammered cymbals because of their versatility to produce great-sounding crashes and crisp repeated notes in a wide dynamic spectrum.

Dark, musically rich and complex vintage tone in a traditionally hand-hammered cymbal.

The musical character of Sabian's HH Series Viennese Crash Cymbal is dark, low, and warm. Its full-bodied response has plenty of impact, with a rapid decay rate.


  • Style: vintage
  • Sound: dark
  • Metal: B20 Bronze
  • Pitch: mid to low